This month, we want to give recognition to St Paul’s Medical Practice and their Assistant Practice Manager Pamela Smith.

Pamela has been a fixture at the popular Smethwick surgery for 19 years. When St Paul’s Surgery first opened its doors, it had 2,500 patients. Since then, this number has grown to 8,000 the practice has outgrown its building and the staff have been on the hunt for a new home for the practice for 10 years now. St Paul’s Medical Practice works in conjunction with another practice – Causeway Green Road Surgery – for some of its services due to not being able to accommodate all its patients on its current site.

Everyone Health sat down with Pamela to discuss the additional services that the surgery offers to its Patients and what the future holds for St Pauls, as they continue to grow.

What additional Services do you provide in your Surgery?
Unfortunately, even though it’s something we’d love to do, we don’t have the space to provide additional services due to the fact that the surgery is running at capacity.  Ideally, we’d love to run both the Health Checks and Stop Smoking service on site – we currently run them at our other site, the Causeway Green Road Surgery.


How important is it for people to attend their NHS Health Check appointment?
It’s so important to attend your health check, because as we get older the risk of us developing health problems also goes up. Of course sometimes it’s not possible to attend your appointment due to changing circumstances, but it’s really important you let us know as soon as possible and rearrange, rather than just not attending. This allows us to reassign that appointment to someone else who may need it.


How do your Patients book a Health Check?
Patients can call up or come into the surgery to book an appointment, while they’ll need to collect a form for their blood tests. Once that’s complete, we then invite patient back in to complete their health check.


What does a Health Check consist of?
At the moment people come into the surgery to collect a blood form. Once their bloods have been taken, we then invite them back in for another appointment to go through their risk assessment and lifestyle management questions. We then do the clinical assessment where we check for diabetes, high blood pressure and chronic kidney disease. Once all this is complete, depending on the results, we offer the correct lifestyle advice and refer the patient on if needed.


Everyone Health recognises St Paul’s Medical Practice and the great service it provides in ensuring all their eligible patients receive an NHS Health Check and the practice’s contribution to making Sandwell a healthier place to live.

NHS Health Checks are offered free of charge to all people in Sandwell aged between 40 and 74.  Each NHS Health Check assesses the patient’s levels of risk and gives the patient advice on how to reduce them.

If you are aged between 40 and 74 and live, work or are registered with a GP Practice in Smethwick and would like a free NHS Health Check, then please do not hesitate to contact your local GP. Alternatively, you can get in touch with Everyone Health on 03330 050 093.


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