September saw the launch of Pulsepoint, Everyone Health’s Data Informatics Solution, within the Bristol Exercise Referral programme, delivered on behalf of Bristol Council.

Staff working on the referral programme within the region’s leisure centres completed their training over the summer and have now fully embraced the real-time data collection Pulsepoint offers, allowing them and their patients up to date progress monitoring.

Pulsepoint is a welcome replacement to traditional paper based data collection methods and has enabled staff to spend less time inputting data, and more time working face to face with patients. New equipment including mobile tablets means that Pulsepoint can be used directly in the gym environment, giving staff instant access to resources, with colourful, easy to read display of progress for patients.

The reaction from staff has been very positive:

Steph (Data and Informatics Manager) visited us over the summer to deliver training and she made sure we were confident with inputting and managing data. The idea that we can now generate reports at the touch of a button and we no longer have to cope with endless spreadsheets is an exciting prospect!”
Alistair MacFarlane, Exercise Referral Manager

The benefits of Pulsepoint are not only evident with reporting, Its functionality is supporting more effective management of the service as a whole. Key functions such as automated text reminders, letter and e-mail generation not only helps to reduce DNA (Did Not Attend) but allows Instructors to motivate patients, and keep their Referrer up to date with progress and achievements as they progress through the service.

National Exercise Referral Manager Tiffeny Cutts has been overseeing the transition to the new innovative data collection system and has noticed the difference it has made to the management and progress monitoring of services.

“The key driver for the introduction of Pulsepoint was to form a framework of standards and procedures including data capture underpinned with robust Information Governance for all our exercise referral programmes, some of which have been running very successfully for over 20 years”. Pulsepoint has had a huge impact on the way we manage and report on our services. I now have a real time overview of how the service is performing against KPI targets and can monitor referrals and our patient‘s journey across multiple sites and services.

It allows us to collect all our outcome measures in one secure place giving us up to date information making our quarterly reports to Commissioners quicker and easier to produce. Its comprehensive nature has given us the flexibility to investigate many different aspects of our service with bespoke reports informing and driving our continuous improvement process ultimately ensuring a truly patient-centred service.’

Pulsepoint is currently being used within a range of community wellbeing contracts, and Bristol Council are the latest to benefit from the introduction of this innovative data management system. Plans are currently underway to link Pulsepoint to partner databases allowing secure information transfer (with appropriate consent), and improved information sharing particularly between referrers and their patients to help deliver truly integrated care.

To find out if Pulsepoint can help your services please contact our Business Development Team: [email protected]

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