Alive ‘N’ Kicking

What is it?

Alive ‘N’ Kicking is a successful weight management programme that helps children and young people aged anywhere between five and 19 years of age reach and maintain a healthier weight. The service comprises of three age-specific programmes for infants and juniors (age 5-11), seniors (age 12-15) and young persons (age 16+), each of which delivers age-appropriate activities, messages and behavioural change strategies that will help benefit the whole family.

Alive N Kicking

Infants and Juniors (age 5-11)

This facet of the service concentrates primarily on the parents’ and caregivers’ role in ensuring their child maintains a healthy weight, while simultaneously including an element of fun play and activity for the children.

It consists of 12 weekly 90 minute group sessions alongside other parents and caregivers, with subjects covered including:

• Understanding Healthy Eating
• Sugary Drinks
• Healthy School Food
• Reducing Sedentary Behaviour
• Five-a-day food tasting

The group sessions are designed to educate and guide parents to make healthy lifestyle habits the norm within the family and to prioritise these healthier choices above just about all else. The group meetings help empower parents, giving them the skills they need to raise their children into healthy and happy members of society.

Alongside the group sessions, the programme also includes additional physical activity sessions for the children. This runs throughout the 12 week long course, giving parents the option to drop their children off for an hour of physical challenges and fun games, helping get them more active and make new friends.

Healthy eating

Seniors (age 12-15)

This module puts more onus on the young person themselves taking more responsibility for maintaining a healthy way of life. They will be actively involved in all workshops relating to nutrition, weight management and health alongside their parents.

Each of the 12 weekly group sessions concentrate on a particular topic, which is tailored for each specific group. These include:

• Community Physical Activity Taster Sessions
• Group Shopping Experience
• Portion Distortion

This section of the programme also includes a weekly drop-off physical activity session. This will either be held at the same venue as the group session, or at a gym to encourage the use of leisure facilities available to older children.

Young Persons (16+)

This element of the programme takes a further step towards helping the young person take full responsibility for their own weight management. It’s flexible and can be altered to suit each particular group. For example, it’s perfectly suited for large groups, smaller group sessions and even one-on-one delivery.

Service users meet every week for a one hour nutrition workshop which is followed, where facilities allow, by a half-hour exercise session. The weekly topics include:

• Energy Balance & The Eatwell Plate
• Snacking, Fast Food & Sugary Drinks
• Reduced E-Play & Healthy School Food
• Understanding Food Labels & Portion Distortion
• Five Eating Points a Day & Sleep
• Future Plan & Graduation

Alongside the weekly, half-hour physical activity slot, a further hour’s physical activity session is also a popular component of the scheme, with the service users taking part in a circuits-style session designed and organised by our specialists at a local gym or leisure facility.

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