Our Children and young people services

Ensuring that the next generation is healthier than the last is all of our responsibilities and, at Everyone Health, it’s our passion. That’s why we invest so much effort into the Children and Young People services we offer.

With childhood obesity on the rise, the most obvious danger to the next generation – our future – are the complications and potential health risks that come with obesity and being overweight. These include the greater risk of developing serious conditions such as type 2 diabetes, heart disease and strokes.

In order to help avoid this impending crisis, Everyone Health offers a variety of different weight management programmes for children and young people. Each of these is flexible enough to be suitable for the specific community where it is being implemented, taking cultural and community requirements into consideration.

As with all of our services, our weight management programmes for children and young people are designed to be flexible enough to offer a bespoke approach to each service user within a non-judgemental and age-appropriate environment.

Child weight management