Pre+Post Natal Weight Management Services

Everyone Health’s pre and post-natal health management services are designed to help keep both expectant and new mothers within a healthier weight range by supporting these women in making healthier eating and activity choices for both themselves and their children.

As obesity becomes ever more prevalent in the UK, more and more focus has to be put on the effects of being obese or overweight to both the prospective mother and their baby.

Women who are classified as obese or overweight during their pregnancy are much more likely to encounter problems during pregnancy, labour and after birth.

Sessions with dieticians and physical activity specialists are held across the local communities where we are based, making it easy for new and expectant mothers to make use of the services we provide.

Service users will be given personalised advice on how to eat healthily and how to remain physically active throughout their pregnancy in line with their own specialist needs and requirements.

How will service users benefit?

• Expectant mothers will have a healthier pregnancy
• They’ll be given a head start on managing their weight after the birth
• Service users are shown healthy ways to improve their physical strength and endurance while pregnancy, helping deal with the extra weight of pregnancy, alongside the stress and strain of labour.

Where we offer this service:

Nottinghamshire County Council 

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