Everyone Health is officially awarded Information Governance Level 2 Compliance from the Health and Social Care Information Centre (HSCIC).

Following the release of version 12 of Information Governance Toolkit in June 2014, staff at SLM Head Office have collated and submitted over 135 individual pieces of evidence supporting the company’s ongoing practice and commitment to delivering robust Information Governance.

The delivery of safe and effective quality services, including Information Governance, is the responsibility of the Quality and Clinical Governance Committee. With representation from various Heads of Departments across the company, this committee has spearheaded the range of actions and activities required to deliver the assurances required to meet the standard.

“This is the first time Everyone Health has applied for this quality standard so we are delighted that we were successful with our submission. The criteria and evidence requirements were extensive, and realising the evidence was challenging at times, however with some improvements, and developments in business practice we were able to submit confidently and successfully,”
Anna Bruin, Quality and Clinical Governance Manager for Everyone Health.

The HSCIC accreditation is valid for one year and is a key indicator to partners and potential commissioners of the quality of the services and data control delivered by Everyone Health.

To view more information about Information Governance and HSCIC please visit:
Health and Social Care Information Centre

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