Chris Baxter started his weight management journey in Newark, Nottinghamshire in May 2016 after being referred by his GP.

‘Before being referred to Everyone Health’s ChangePoint program by my GP I was 195kg, more than 30 stone in weight, with a height of 1.95m (6’ 5”) and a BMI of 51.2. I was morbidly obese, suffering from high blood pressure, anxiety and severe depression’

‘My weight was affecting every part of my life, including work, relationships with friends and family and of course my health.’

‘I tried numerous diets, meal plans and shakes, vigorous exercise routines all promising life changing results, unfortunately none of them tackled the root causes of my problems and some cost me a pretty penny into the bargain.’

‘Thanks to Craig, Kirsty, Florence, Matt and all at Everyone Health Nottingham I am eating far better than I have ever done, exercising more than I have ever done and enjoying it! To date I have lost over 51.5kgs (over 8 stone) since starting with Everyone Health ChangePoint (74.9kgs /11.5 stone from my maximum recorded weight), dropped 6 waist sizes, suffered less depression and anxiety (although not entirely weight related), gained confidence and inspired other members of my family to eat healthier and exercise more.’

‘I even managed to make it round my first official 10k run (East Midlands 10k Run) this March, and with the help of Matt and the team, knocked a further 7 whole minutes off my time. After that wonderful experience, and I can’t believe this myself, I have signed up for two more 10k runs this year with a possible third pencilled in.’

If Chris’s story resonates with you, give ChangePoint Nottinghamshire a call on 0333 005 0092 to see how we can support you.

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