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We are still open and here for you during the third lockdown. All of our services are currently being delivered virtually, via phone.

If you need help and support during 2021, please call or email us

Everyone Health offers a behaviour change approach to improving the health of local communities by delivering integrated, dynamic and bespoke prevention and treatment solutions for a wide range of partners across the sectors.

Our mission is to create a sustained positive impact on the health and wellbeing of local communities, enabling individuals to drive and sustain change.

Everyone Wants to be Healthy

At Everyone Health we:

  • Empower people to adopt healthier behaviours
  • Develop community capacity addressing the wider determinants of health
  • Offer cost effective approaches
  • Provide local leadership and technical expertise
  • Offer creative solutions to engage communities, families and individuals in managing their health and wellbeing

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About Us

Everyone Health is a division of SLM Ltd, a company with 28 years of experience of delivering high quality community leisure, health, and wellbeing services.

At the core of Everyone Health is a highly skilled expert team with extensive experience in strategic and operational management of Health business at a national and European level…

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