Impact Informatics Solution

In the current economic climate Everyone Health fully embraces the need to deliver an evidence based approach to improving health and addressing health inequalities. iMPACT is designed to facilitate programme efficiency by providing secure, comprehensive data capture. This flexible data collection mechanism is shaped to the service delivery and commissioner outcome requirements, providing appropriate and tailored inputting and reporting functions.

System Architecture

Through extensive research and development, iMPACT is integrated with the most up to date technical requirements to address service needs.

  • Accessed via web-based portal – fully responsive allowing access from mobile phones and tablets
  • Hosted via UK based secure servers
  • Compatible with SQL Server Reporting Services
  • PCI Compliant service – data encrypted with 256k SSL security

Quality Management

Data is nothing if it is not robust and reliable. iMPACT delivers quality data validation, ensuring accuracy and reliability to services by ensuring comprehensive inputting and audit processes, that enables deliverers to intelligently monitor data collection standards.

Above all, iMPACT supports a positive patient experience throughout their pathway of care. The ability to accurately map a patient’s journey, including transfer both within and between services, enables us to deliver truly patient-centered care.

Efficient & Effective

iMPACT delivers effective functions pertinent to service users ensuring the system enhances and compliments the delivery of quality care.

  • Bespoke automated processes which can be triggered within iMPACT
  • Automated SMS, emails and letter functionality
  • Multiple portals including practitioner, patient, funder and referral, ensuring a streamlined approach to patient care
  • Patients tracking across multiple services
  • Real-time KPI management with graphical dashboard monitoring of outcomes, which can be broken down to course level or cumulated.

Further Information

For more information please contact Gladstone Software on 01491 201010 or visit the website at …